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Enterprise Platform

Transform your team with Kubicle's online training
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Data driven training at scale


Empower your employees with data analysis skills that allow them to drive impact within your organization. Kubicle's Enterprise Platform provides businesses with a flexible learning solution that can be implemented accross large business units with ease. Help your employees stay focused on the skills that matter.


Available with Excel and Tableau Learning Plans:

Excel  Tableau

Dedicated Account Manager

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With Kubicle's Enterprise Platform, your go-to expert will be available to support you through scheduled calls and emails.

  • Learn from our guidance and training
  • Get help with any technical issues and troubleshooting
  • Tailor implementation of the platform to your organization's needs

Learning Group Segmentation

Kubicle Learning Group Dashboard

Struggling to structure your training across different teams? Kubicle's Learning groups feature allows you to segment your employees into groups according to their learning needs. 

  • Assign different administrators to each learning group
  • Customize semesters, requirements and deadlines for teams
  • Configure licenses and reporting for each team

Team Performance Tools

Kubicle Team Performance Dashboard

Keep track of each team's progress with our team performance tools. View your team's activity over different time periods or see key figures for each team member. Use your data to improve the effectiveness of your organization's learning plans.

  • Check test and course completion rates
  • Evaluate skill level by subject matter
  • View lesson engagement rate over time

Automated Reporting

Automated reports for Kubicle Learning Group

Track performance and progress with ease with through our automated reports. Administrators can receive emails in their inbox at specified intervals in order to ensure the effectiveness of prescribed training.

  • Set reports to send on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Gain a quick and simple overview of your team's activity
  • Motivate employees by sharing reports with personalized messages
  • Configure reporting for each learning group separately

White Label Options

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Need to customize the appearance of Kubicle's interface for your organization? Talk to us about our white label service.

We'll apply your company logo and color scheme to Kubicle's interface, giving your employees an experience that is consistent with your branding and your internal policies.