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Transform your business skills with data driven training

Unlock potential online with Excel and Tableau microlearning plans

How does it work?


Identify Skill Gaps

A diagnostic test evaluates new and existing learners in order to gauge proficiency and generate recommendations. Learners focus on the skills that matter to them and their organization.


Personalize Training

Learners are directed through a custom microlearning plan designed by industry experts. Lessons are delivered in a bitesize format in order to ensure retention and help manage time.


Measure Performance

Performance dashboards and tests motivate learners and monitor progress. Organizations can segment learners into groups for benchmarking and automated reporting.


Excel for Business Analytics

Excel is one of the most powerful tools available on workplace computers; mastery of Excel saves time, money and dramatically improves decision-making. In spite of this, few people are comfortable describing themselves as expert users.

Kubicle’s online Excel training upskills users by focusing on actual business tasks, with an emphasis on accurary and efficiency. From pivot tables to financial projections, this essential learning plan is relevant to all ambitious business professionals.



Tableau for Visualization

Tableau is no longer purely the domain of data scientists and has rapidly become a world leading visualization tool for commercial analysts. It is currently used to drive insight and impact in many of the world’s leading organizations.

Kubicle’s online Tableau training goes beyond the basics of the software, empowering modern analysts with powerful data discovery and visualization techniques. This hands-on learning plan is for business professionals who aim to do data better.

Trusted by industry-leading organizations worldwide

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