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Our Journey

Why We Started

Kubicle was founded in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland by Aidan Corbett and Alex Hamilton. Aidan and Alex were struck by how businesses struggled to take full advantage of the most common analytical tool at their disposal - Microsoft Excel. Workers were daunted by the software and expensive classroom training clashed with the diverse learning needs of a modern workforce. Instead of delivering real value, Excel training was being treated as a "check-the-box" exercise. 

Kubicle was created with the goal of addressing these issues with concise and contextualized online business training. Kubicle initially focused its efforts on high quality content delivered through an easy-to-use platform. Over time, it became clear that if the company was going to teach organizations how to work with data, then the training itself needed to be driven by data insight. This realization led to the development of Kubicle's personalized learning platform and performance tools. 

Our success with major organizations such as Deloitte, KLM and KPMG has created strong demand for advanced learning plans beyond Excel. Since 2014, our mission's clarity and urgency has only strengthened. In an increasingly competitive world, we help leading businesses and individuals take their business data skills to the next level. 

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