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Excel for Business Analytics

A personalized microlearning plan to transform your business skills.
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Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools widely available on workplace computers, yet few employees feel confident in their ability to manage financial information and solve business problems through data. With the right training, individuals and the organizations they work for stand to benefit from substantial improvements in accuracy, productivity and insight.

Kubicle's Excel plan combines flexibility with precision by applying principles of microlearning and adaptive technology. Our platform ensures that learners stay focused on the skills that matter to them, no matter what level they started at. Bitesize, personalized lessons aid retention and help manage time, while performance dashboards motivate learners, monitor progress and demonstrate real learning ROI. 

If you're looking to develop essential business data skills for your organization, this plan is for you. 


  • Lifetime Access
  • Office 2010, 2013 & 2016
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Personalized Plan
  • Exercises & Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion

Enterprise Features

Aidan Corbett
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Aidan Corbett
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Includes PowerPoint Essentials Module

48 lessons covering the building blocks of PowerPoint and how to convey data insights with clarity.

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Included Courses

This course teaches users how to insert, edit, delete and sort data, perform lightning-fast navigation and radically improve productivity in Excel.

This course introduces the most useful of Excel’s built-in arithmetic, logical, and financial functions. Users also learn how to write, manipulate and audit their own formulas.

Excel has a host of functions that help manipulate these 3 data types. In this course, users learn how to clean, chop and manipulate text entries and how to perform time-series analysis on a dataset for an online start-up.

Lookup functions help people quickly find records in large datasets. We teach users how to use these functions, create dropdown lists, build search panels and much more in this course.

Pivot Tables allow users to search, filter and sort data very quickly, making them an essential data analysis tool in Excel.

Simple statistics can be used to increase understanding of your business, thereby improving performance. In this course we focus on core concepts using the Analysis Toolpack add-in.

Creating charts is a very common task in Excel. This course shows users how to create, format and edit charts so that they are easy to understand and look professional.

Dashboards are a popular business tool for summarizing and garnering insights from data. In this course, we teach users how to build a simple sales dashboard from scratch in Excel.

This introductory modelling course teaches users how to build a pricing model from scratch, helping a case study company maximize profitability.

SupraChem has a high-risk technology project that requires additional investment. This course teaches users how to build a forward-looking model and use new tools such as decision trees and scenario analysis to help the company reach a decision.

Valuing investments can be daunting at first. This course will teach users the basic theory of valuation and how to build simple Excel valuation models.

In this course, users learn how to build their first, full valuation model from scratch. The investment opportunity is a downtown 3-bed apartment, recently put up for sale.

Macros help users automate tasks in Excel and can be a big time-saver, particularly when formatting cells. This course shows users that they don't need to be programmers to build them!

Understanding financial statements is a critical skill for all management executives. This course provides a brief overview of the 3 financial statements and how to perform some financial analysis in Excel.

In this course we predict the future performance and financial health of company by building 5-year projections for MarkerCo's financial statements.

This course shows users how to estimate the value of a company using a variety of different valuation techniques. All the key company valuation concepts are covered, such as enterprise and equity value, capital asset pricing model and terminal value.

Debt structures are very common in financial modelling and are required learning for analysts. In this course, we show you how a private equity firm uses different forms of debt to purchase MarkerCo in a leveraged buyout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the learning plan personalized?

When a Kubicle account is created, the user is prompted to complete a diagnostic assesment which is designed to gauge skill level. The results of this assesment then automatically structures the user's learning plan. 

Are lessons excluded from my personalized plan?

Athough we do generate a recommended path you will still retain full access to all modules, courses and lessons.

What are the benefits of using the Enterprise platform?

The enterprise platform allows you to manage and motivate multiple users with a variety of tools including performance dashboards, automated reports and leaderboards. 



Do I need multiple accounts for multiple teams?

No. The Enterprise platform includes a learning groups functionality that allows organizations to segment their users into multiple groups for performance management and reporting.